10.07.09 Big Ski/Snowboard Event

After weeks of 90-degree days, the weather has finally cooled down to a much more comfy mid 70’s during the day. It’s been much cooler all this week. That’s great. It’s hinting us of fall and the coming of winter, which is fast approaching. Yay!


Around mid October to early November, the annual ski/snowboard show takes place at a large venue somewhere in town. I haven’t heard of the one here in LA, but I’m sure there is a local show somewhere so I’m going to investigate its location and the dates. Basically, it’s an event where the different areas of the ski industry come together under one roof for one weekend, where attendees can get the latest information on ski resorts, buy the latest winter gear, and get introduced to new snow gear and extreme sports accessories. It seems every major west coast metropolitan area within a few hours of the mountain has one of these, usually under its own variation of that name. The idea behind the timing of this event is to give skiers and boarders the opportunity to get outfitted before the coming ski season. What I really like about these ski shows (more like a convention or a fair than a ‘show’) is that it’s truly one-stop shopping. You can buy everything you need for the mountain without having to drive around town going from shop to shop, maybe pick up some special event-only deals on season passes, plus find out about the latest happenings at your local ski resort, all in one location. And that’s what I did on my very first visit to one of these.

The first time I visited one these I was in Portland Or. It was called Snowboard and Ski Fever if I remember, held at the spacious Portland Expo Center. It was during this visit that I bought my first set of snowboard outerwear from head to toe. One thing I remember from my first visit was something that was very unique.  Periodically throughout the day, they had this “snowboard fashion show”.  Store employees would walk on the improvised catwalks above the clothing racks and displays, modeling the latest in snowboard outerwear fashion, synced to music that was played over the PA. This was a unique idea which I have not seen ever again. Most every time when I leave these events, I come out with a bag of free goodies: posters, literature and brochures, stickers, and one time, even free music.

My snow outerwear has changed drastically since then. I got rid of my thin black pants and replace it with a Four Square snowboarding pants, replaced my first layer cotton t-shirt with a polyester moisture wicking long sleeve tee, and got rid of a black pull-over jacket and replaced it with acrylic sweaters.  My snow gear has evolved into something more customized and suited to my style of riding too. My very first setup was a Gnu 155 with cheap generic bindings and Burton Freestyle boots that I got at an after-season sale at a sports shop in Oregon.

First snowboard - Gnu 155
First snowboard - Gnu 155

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