10.06.09 Mission to Naboo

I was on a tram tour, like Universal Studios, of a hillside neighborhood in a coastal city like San Diego, where the streets were very narrow and winding and steep. The houses seemed upscale but were small, were crowded together, colorful, like out of some children’s story. There were lots of tourists on the tram. I wondered how it would be able to squeeze through the narrow streets.

I went swimming in a river with coworkers or classmates, or people I knew. It was in a very thick forested area. The river led out to a bay or delta, but the water was very slow moving, allowing for superb swimming conditions. The river was very deep but the water was crystal clear. It took awhile to swim to the bottom, and I could see clearly around. It seemed like we were more on a mission than for recreation. We were on our way somewhere where we had to do something. This scene kind of reminds me of the Gungan underwater city on on the planet Naboo in the movie Phantom Menace, which I agree is one of the worst episodes of the Star Wars series. I think the coolest characters were Darth Maul and Obi-wan’s mentor.

I was walking through a business park/industrial area next to a major freeway. It was right after a rainstorm. There were open boxes of electronics parts, appliances and computers scattered all over the street and alleys, like some hurricane came through or some earthquake disaster occurred, but the buildings were still standing. No one was around. All of the electronics were damaged. I wondered what could have happened.

I was working at a Target store. I was a new hire. There were several other new hires too, people I had already knew, like classmates. The supervisors were very mean and strict. The store was very big and seemed like a combination of a department store and a home improvement warehouse, like Home Depot. I went to the rear of the store and stepped outside. The ground was wet with puddles, like it had just rained. We were assigned to rearrange some isles and displays. It seemed like we were getting ready for the holiday season. I thumbing through a small collection of classical music CD’s that were placed on the very top shelf that required a small step ladder to get to, when we told to go to lunch.

I was living in an average size track house. It was Thanksgiving Day, during the evening. There were lots of people in the house, some relatives but mostly people I don’t know.  I was in the garage most of the time. There were some tables there and there was a long line of people waiting to get to the dining room. It didn’t seem like there would be enough food to go around with so many people there. When I went for seconds, there were only a few slices of turkey left and almost no trimmings. I was disappointed. The house vaguely resembled the house I lived in when I was a child.

I notice that dreams place me in these various different situations and populates them with people I know, such as classmates or friends, almost like Star Trek’s holodeck. I think I must be thinking about Thanksgiving.


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