10.3.09 UFO Nightmare

I was at a school setting watching a bw movie made during Hollywood’s golden era. It was half comedy half serious drama. It was about some guy who keeps driving and crashing into the front yards of Hollywood actors’ homes.

I was living in a coastal city. Further inland there was a view of the harbor and piers. The shoreline was located in a small bay, like Monterey Bay, but more metropolitan. I was standing on a grassy field with a few fruit trees when a semi-transparent UFO appeared above the bay. It looked like gigantic onion ring and it started to get wobbly and supple, slowly descending into the bay as if it had been attacked by some kind of weapon. Immediately after it sunk, a huge crane shot out of the water at the spot where the UFO had submerged. It looked like the type of cranes used in the construction of skyscrapers and other big buildings. Atop this massive pertruding mysterious metallic structure was a large white cylindrical object that looked like a showerhead or lampshade, that was pointing downwards, like the top of sunflower stalk. It was very foreboding. A deep-sounding voice was heard. It gave us some kind of warning. It said that a “man’ and a “women” will be taken as “examples” for being disobedient, but will be returned safely. It was very frightening. As the voice spoke, several others and I ran for cover towards a nearby parking structure or hotel main entrance.

Seems like I was thinking about those Martian alien invasion movies from the 50’s, like War of the Worlds.


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