10.2.09 Suspense Movie

I was working on some group project at school. Then I was watching a suspense/action movie about an Internet sex/child pornography criminal ring that was committing fraud on the public in some way (most likely to get money and/or personal information). The plot involves an older east European lady posing as a young American girl seeking sex on line. The lady would read a script into a microphone at some remote location. The ring leader was a man who was controlling the streaming broadcasting from somewhere else. They were pursued by a small team of vigilante commando types who were armed with semi-automatics and bullet-proof vests. They somehow found the lady broadcasting from a car parked curbside near some tennis courts in a community rec center. There was daylight. One of the vigilante guys got out of a 4×4 truck with big tires and attempted to punch the lady who fell to the ground. The guy said some kind of warning.

Wow sounds like the plot for an actual Hollywood movie! I must be thinking of watching action movies and about the quiz on Internet terms I took yesterday in one of my multimedia classes. I actually have 2 projects coming up that involve using a microphone to record voice.


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