9.30.09 Mountain Retreat


I was driving on a rain-slicked highway in the mountains during a heavy rain storm. I was carrying a lot of stuff, as if I was moving. There was some construction going on on the right side, but there were no workers. I arrived at some kind of resort high in the mountains. There were lots of other people, mostly students and classmates, just hanging around the place, waiting for something. There were some rustic cabins, and the area was hilly and sunlight was blocked by the forest canopy. I got out my skateboard and started riding around the hilly terrain. There was another guy on a longboard skate, going up and down the hills. It seemed like we were the only skaters there.

I was going to a classroom on the first day of school. The seating was in the traditional arrangement. The class was some kind of humanities class, like history, but it was a subject I was very excited about. I was one of the first ones to arrive, then the class filled up quickly shortly afterwards. The teacher was a lady. The setting was very unusual. There was a large central forum, where individual classrooms lined the perimeter.


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