There was an organized student protest at school yesterday. Students were protesting the recent fee increases. The big complaint is why raise the fees and cut class and have instructor furloughs at the same time. I once had a professor from an American Studies class I took in the spring of last year, who said that if we students spoke up more, were more vocal and visible voicing our opposition to fee increases, our fees wouldn’t be so high. He said that because most students are too reticent, too quiet, and usually aren’t too politically active, is why the state can raise fees as they wish especially in view of no challenges. He assured us that if more students were more vocal, fees wouldn’t be so high. I think that the current national mood towards student protesting is much more subtle and lower key then, say, during the turbulent 60’s and the Vietnam War. I don’t know why that’s so.

Wow Henry’s has a sale on red seedless grapes for $.49/lb. That’s super cheap. Usually it’s 2-3 dollars. Tomorrow will be our first quiz in the mutlimedia class. It will be mostly Web terms.


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