Wow I just finished watching two 70’s thriller flicks this past week, both on Youtube! One was a sci-fi movie called Andromeda Strain (1971) and the other was a low-grade horror called Shock Waves (1977). Andromeda Strain is about a team of scientists investigating an extraterrestrial germ in an underground facility set up for germ warfare. The ending was very tense as one of the team members had to climb a ladder in the central core to get to a station and insert his key to stop the nuclear detonation, because the detonation would spread the germ as it feeds off radiation. When the laser hits his hand that’s holding the key, we see the key dropping in slow motion, but in the next clip, we see that the key is actually still tied to his wrist, and we are relieved.  Excellent directing and editing. There’s some scientific lingo here, and I remember after completing my high school biology class, I could finally understand what they’re talking about. When I first saw this movie when I was a little kid, I couldn’t sleep that night. I was too scared. I mean, seeing people’s blood turn to red powder freaked me out and was way too frightening for me at the time.

BTW I think the original is still far, far better than the 2008 remake. The remake was so plain and generic. I don’t remember the plot, the characters or anything of that movie. Too much computer FX.

Shock Waves is about a small group of tourists who get stranded on an island inhabited by a Nazi scientist who controls this group of super-soldier Nazi zombies that, obviously, go on a rampage after our tourists. Horror veteran Peter Cushing played the role of the Nazi hermit, in the same evil, sinister, deranged way he played Gov. Tarkin of the Death Star. Shock Waves came out the same year as Star Wars, so I wonder which movie he had worked on first. I guess you could check imdb.com. This cheap horror flick, along with its eerie soundtrack, is perfect to watch on a late Saturday night just before you hit the sack. In fact that’s when I first saw it – I was channel surfing one late Saturday night looking for something good to watch, and as I was doing so, I came across this low-grade zombie movie.


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