9.27.09 Gothic Yearbook


I was living in a coastal town. The weather was cloudy and grey. I was preparing to depart on a two week vacation on a cruise ship. Somewhere outside this town but more towards the inland, I was hiking through a country-setting of hills and creeks, rustic roads and grassy fields, on my way to go to someone’s house or to school or work.

I went to visit a classmate friend who lived in a woodsy foresty area in view of several mountain tops. His house had wooden exteriors and a patio deck. From the deck I could see dirt trails leading to the summits of these mountains. I got the feeling this was somewhere in northern California. From here I went hiking on a trail with a girl classmate. In a dense forested area, we meet up with a guy who gave us instructions for a class assignment. He came with on old hardback book that was wrapped in plastic and was about to fall apart. It looked like it was about 100 years old. He removed the plastic and the girl and I examined the book. It contained pictures of mostly college-age people that were somehow associated with a segment of the music industry that specialized in the gothic/horror genre. He told us that our assignment was to create a flyer for a fictitious rock show that would cater to the type of people pictured in the book. I immediately had an idea in mind. It was to have a black background, gothic fonts, a white border and pictures of the band(s).

The girl and I continued the hike. We found a spot to rest, and some rocks to sit on. We talked about school. It seems she was a newcomer to whatever school we were attending. I told her about my geography class, how I learned about latitude and longitude and degrees and how well I did in it.

Near the end of the Goldeneye movie, there is a screenshot of a computer screen showing the coordinates of London, the target of the laser weapon, at 51.30N  00.10W. I remember learning in geography class that London is designated the 0.0 degree longitude (Prime Meridian, “P.M.”, and the opposite end of the globe is the Ante Meridian, “A.M.”), so the movie would be correct. (the 00.10W means “.10 degrees west longitude”).  About the flyer, I was no doubt thinking about the upcoming mutlimedia projects I have. In preparation for one of these projects, I watched a clip of “The Love Boat”, an early 80’s TV show set on a cruise ship, on Youtube last night. I was amazed at how small cruise ships were back then.


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