9.26.09 Ghost Town Tavern

I was on a road trip through a dry and hot desert-like region with gentle hills and made a stop at a town in the middle of a valley. Half of the town was alive, the other half was like a deserted ghost town. I went to a little tavern/cafe on a side street off of the main strip. There was a live band playing. The place was crowded and busy. I lady I knew was playing the keys, which was in another area away from the main stage. When I left the tavern, I crossed the main street and as I was walking I saw lots of tourists disembarking from tour busses.

I was at school, in the library, on one of the middle floors. It was open to the floor below and there were catwalks to get to the other side of the building. The library resembled more like an industrial factory. There were lots of other students. I was in between classes.

Maybe I was thinking of going through central California on the way to the mountains. I was watching Goldeneye the night before on Youtube which includes a scene in a Russian chemical plant.


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