9.25.09 Northwest City

I was living in an outlying hilly area and was driving around on a very congested interstate highway during a heavy downpour. I was driving an import mini truck. I was entering a large metropolitan city that had lots of industrial sites, rush hour traffic, and there was at least one large body of water somewhere nearby, as I saw bridges and pavement that rose into the air to let cargo ships through. It seemed like a city on the west coast and that it was in an area that’s usually under clouds and had rainy weather, like the Pacific Northwest. I was going to a man’s house to work on a video production project for a school assignment. When I arrived at the his house, the rain had stopped and he and a couple of guys, who could have been my classmates, were playing football in the front yard. I had to park in a neighbor’s driveway.

The night before I was watching a little of Grey’s Anatomy on abc.com to help with an assignment for my interactive media class. The show is set in Seattle.


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