I was a disher in the kitchen of a restaurant that was inside a hotel, a mall, or some other large building. The dishwasher area was very big, with several rows of tray lines that zig zag around the dish washing section and there were about 2 or 3 dishwashing machines. I was going through several trays of silverware. There were lots of silverware. All the other workers that worked there were past or current classmates. Someone got mad at me, and I ended up getting assigned to do another task.

I was living in a town in the mountains and it was wintertime. Snow was on the ground. Several others and I were on our way to a larger city off the mountain. The road there had some steep grades, and we come up to the top of a steep grade that was all covered with snow. I was concerned how we’d make it downhill because it seems that our vehicle was not equipped to drive in snowy conditions.

I went to someone’s house for a party after school or work. There was a live band about to play there, in the living room. The music was very bland. There were folding chairs and other furniture that I helped move around in the house. There was lots of people there, mostly people I know, and I spent the night there in someone’s bed. I was also wearing someone’s t-shirt. It was sz L and light color.

Why would I be sleeping over at someone’s house and wearing someone’s t-shirt that doesn’t even fit? Even though the last few weeks have been very warm, I still think about snow.


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