Welcome to Dreamland – My Dreamz Diary

dreams diary


This is my first post in this category. Years  ago I used to keep a written dreams diary in a hard copy notebook that I would write entries in after I’d awaken, attempting to recollect all the details of the previous night’s dream I might have had. The idea was partially influenced by a book I read and a high school psychology class. Well I’m at it again, but this time, unlike the past, it’ll be done electronically and stored in cyberspace and available for public viewing for comments and review! Also I will make an attempt to post a pic for each entry that represents a certain scene from that particular dream. I’m fairly good at remembering some of the details and elements of a dream, such as weather, colors, sensations, descriptions of people and physical locations, etc.  At the end of each entry, in italics, I may include my comments on that dream.

Some say that when we dream, our souls leave our bodies and travel to another realm or dimension, so come travel with me as we visit the realm of Snowslayer’s dreamland!

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