9.22.09 Homeless Boarder Chick


During a late afternoon lunch break from school or work, a couple of friends and I went to eat at a buffet. It was a huge buffet, the biggest I had ever seen. It was about the size of a convention hall. The buffet was unique. It was sectioned off, or partitioned, into these mini banquet areas each with its own ‘theme’ – ie. – ‘ Seafood theme’, ‘Western Theme’, ‘Art Deco theme’, ‘Kids Theme’, ‘Action Movies Theme’, etc. You could chose to dine in any of  themed areas you wish. In the middle of the buffet was the main food serving counter, a large semicircle of hot and cold foods as part of the main buffet line. There were other smaller hot/cold food displays scattered around the floor.  The place was massive. Our group decided to split up. I was finishing up with dessert, which consisted of chocolate pudding and diced fresh fruit. I was one of the last ones to finish. There was a manager dressed in a white shirt walking around, patrolling the floor.

I was visiting some kind of touristy spot deep in the mountains. It seem like it was an old rustic western ghost town that was taken over by modern commercialism. There were lots of people, mostly families with kids. The weather was warm. I was riding a BMX bike downhill on a dirt pathway, and trying to avoid people I ran over some thick dense bushes that had zillions of these veracious cricket-like insects in it. As soon as I rolled over the bushes these little critters fiercely attacked and bit me all over my body. My arm immediately began to swell. People were watching and I was embarrassed.

Somehow the season all of a sudden changed to winter, and there was snow everywhere.  I was getting ready to snowboard, and I was at some ski area. I was very excited and stoked. But something was going on that forced us to vacate the ski resort and leave the mountain, and among all the commotion, I met this snowboarder chick. She was short, petite, had brunette hair but mostly I remember she had these characteristic freckles that adorned her face. She came across to me as a person who was rebellious, somewhat punk, anti-establishment and who had a “groovy” personality. She was sociable and outgoing. She’s the type that would have no problem making friends and meeting guys. She said she also liked to skateboard. It seemed that she needed some kind of help though – whether it was because she was lost, got separated from her party, or was homeless I don’t know. I told her she can stick it out with me for now if she wanted to. Mysteriously, we had no way of getting back down the mountain. So I came up with the idea of using an old wooden crate that served as a sled. We were forced to abandon our snow gear and then we both jumped in the improvised sled and slid down the ice and snow-covered highway, which was mostly straight, using our feet as the brakes.

Throughout the dream we began to like each other more and more, and it wasn’t long before we quickly became boyfriend-girlfriend. She said she really liked me, and that I liked her too, and we naturally followed that up with the usual juicy romantic stuff that boyfriends and girlfriends say to each other. It was now night time, about 8 or 8:30pm. Somehow I now had access to a vehicle, and we did more traveling on a highway. She wanted to shop for some clothes, even at this late hour, so I dropped her off at the local mall. I kept getting the feeling that there are these gangs of thugs and hoodlums out to get us, a problem I seem to think originated from that ski resort, so I told her to hurry up so we can get out of here. In the meantime I sat and waited inside a cafe near the entrance. I was thinking about my snow gear.

I was living in a track home in a typical suburban neighborhood. I lived with other occupants; I’m not sure who they are, but they weren’t around at this time. I was thinking that I wanted to spend more time with this girl (I don’t remember her name, if she had a name) and maybe get to know her more, so I invited her to spend the night at my place, to which she accepted. I advised her to bring over a sleeping bag, otherwise she’ll have to squeeze into my little bed with me. She said she’d prefer the latter.

It was mid morning. Her older sister came by the house, apparently looking for her. Her older sister is even more of a trouble-maker. It seems she, the older sister, did something bad, and now there’s an angry mob after her, and has followed her to the house. I looked out the bedroom window which faced the street.  The mob had gathered on the front lawn, some of whom are yelling and raising their fists. My girl told me not to worry because it doesn’t concern me or her, it’s just the way she is. The older girl told her younger sibling that we got to go now. They both left the house, and I told my girl to come back soon, but that was the last I’d ever see either of them.

I peered through the peephole of the front door and saw my girl walking up. I opened the door happily expecting it to be her but it wasn’t. It was her mom, who was looking for her daughters. The mom looked like her – short, petite and brunette, but was very mean, demanding and bitchy. She never made eye contact. In the garage, she told me that I “shouldn’t store my snowboard there.” How can she say that when she doesn’t even live here? I wondered. Suddenly several relatives arrived. I ended up helping some of my uncles clean off this chrome-covered wire rack that was covered with dust and dirt in the garage. I had this strange and sad feeling that the relationship I had with my girl was now slowly coming to a close.

Maybe that’s the future of buffet dining – “themed areas”. No doubt I’m excited for snowboarding, I think every snowboarder guy’s dream is to met a snowboarder chick. Coincidentally, the day before this dream I had in fact met and talked with this skater chick at school. We met in the stairwell between classes. She was carrying a Gravity longboard which she said was given to her by her ex-boyfriend. She said she’s from Victorville. My parting words to her were “have fun!” Maybe I was thinking about the girl who sits next to me in lab class, who also is a brunette with freckles, although this girl is very quiet and shy.


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