9.21.09 Train Depot


I was living in a seaside coastal community. The shoreline was very rocky and rugged, kind of like Marin County but not as hilly or mountainous. It was facing west southwest.  The midday sun was low towards the southern horizon, suggesting it was fall or winter time and perhaps a northern latitude location. I was at work. I worked at some kind of small train depot at the north end of town where I helped unload freight trains that were coming from the Pacific Northwest and heading to the Midwest. I worked with another dude, and during our off time we would hang out and do stuff together, so perhaps he was a friend or a former classmate. He was like me, same height and build, but had blond hair. In between trains we would huddle together in this small wooden shack near the tracks as we waited for the next train to arrive.

On the north side of the tracks was a dense forest of Douglas Fir-type trees. On the south side was a narrow strip of green grass, and there was a large well-manicured field of some kind of green growth, either it was an athletic field or farmland for vegetable crops. Between it and the tracks was a chain link fence.

The sky was getting cloudy and soon it became very overcasted. It continued to get darker and darker as the clouds got thicker and more ominous. It looked like a storm was brewing. I told my coworker that I think a storm is coming and that I think we should get out of here now. He disagreed and said we should wait it out.

This seems like a workplace where we can leave whenever we want to. On the previous day in a in-class assignment in lab class, I in fact read a news article about a man who worked in a train yard.


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